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Physical Activity: Get More Exercise



Most people look at exercise as a means to burn energy and lose weight. Instead, think of exercise as a great way to gain energy and stimulate your body and mind. With so many demands fighting for your attention every day, it may be a challenge to find time for an hour trip to the gym. Start with simple activities you can incorporate into your daily routine. One simple change can make a big difference in how you look and feel.

Ready to get moving? Here’s some simple changes you can make to be more active:

  • Count your steps and see how many you can reach in a day.
  • Replace your office chair with a yoga ball.
  • Break a sweat once a day.
  • Play with your kids for 20 minutes daily.
  • Walk over to a colleague’s desk to talk rather than send an e-mail.
  • Make it to the gym once a week.
  • Spend more time standing than sitting during the day.
  • Park on the other end of the parking lot from your final destination.